10 Simple Steps to a Relaxing and Safe Vacation

When you are on a family vacation–particularly if you are traveling abroad–so many worries can be avoided by following a few simple steps BEFORE you leave.  We found these tips from CHUBB to cover a lot of the important bases:

  1. Your documents:  Scan important documents and store them in a secure location.  Leave copies of your passport, driver’s license, visa, and itinerary with a friend or family member, or store them online.
  2. Renting a car or using a taxi:  Rent a car only if you are familiar with the terrain.  Otherwise use only registered taxis.  Be sure you understand your car insurance policy and the country’s requirements.
  3. Airports:  Move quickly to secure areas in the airport and keep your belongings with you.  Minimize your exposure to check-in lines and public shops.
  4. Clothing:  Blend in and dress appropriately.  Dress down and keep a low profile, especially in more risky locations.
  5. Valuables:  Leave fine jewelry and watches at home.  You risk losing your valuables, and you become a target for criminals.
  6. Getting around: Stay aware of your surroundings at tourist attractions and on public transportation.
  7. Technology:  Don’t post photos or updates about your travels on social media.  This lets criminals know you’re away from home.
  8. Where to stay:  Stay in smaller boutique hotels instead of large, marquee hotels, which may be more conspicuous.  Don’t discuss your plans with hotel staff or guests.
  9. Money: Use ATMs in secure locations only and call your credit card providers to let them know where you’ll be travelling.  Plan ahead so you know how much money you’ll need.
  10. Children:  Prepare them but don’t create panic.  Make sure your children know their names, address, and phone number and keep a note in their pocket with your local hotel and embassy phone numbers, in case you get separated.








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