Workers Compensation Insurance

Accidents Happen, But the Costs Don’t Have to Be Crippling

Did you know that Illinois requires every employer to carry workers compensation insurance? Even if your business only has one part-time employee, you still have to carry workers comp. There are a few exceptions, but they are rare.

Forest Agency has over 50 years of experience in the insurance industry. We can help you find workmans comp insurance that protects your business and your employees.

The Coverage You Need From a Reliable Policy

Workers compensation insurance offers a variety of coverage options. Many of the policies we sell at Forest Agency protect you from:

  • Liability when an employee gets hurt on the job
  • Liability when employees develop work-related injuries such as lower back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Liability when employees become ill from substances in their work environments, including radiation, pollution, and chemicals

Having workmans comp insurance, therefore, does more than just protect your employees. It also protects your business from liability. Without a reliable insurance policy, just one accident could lead to lawsuits that put your company out of business.

What Does Workmans Comp Not Cover?

Workers compensation insurance doesn’t cover every injury that happens on the job. These limitations protect employers from spending money on situations that they cannot possibly control.

Some of the injuries and illnesses not covered include:

  • Injuries caused by a fight
  • Injuries sustained while an employee is intoxicated
  • Illnesses developed away from the jobsite
  • Illnesses not related to work activities

Forest Agency‘s licensed staff of insurance agents have plenty of experience finding workers comp insurance that matches our clients’ needs. We consider your industry, the size of your staff, and other factors that can influence the type of coverage your business needs.

Feel free to contact our office in Forest Park, IL today at 888-635-6651 to learn more about your workers compensation insurance options.