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New Illinois Laws for 2019

More than 250 new laws took effect in Illinois last month, including some new and updated driving and consumer laws that you should be aware of.  Here’s what you need to know: Rear-facing child car seats Children are now required to ride in rear-facing car seats until they’re 2 years old, weigh 40 pounds or […]

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Staying Safe on Your Bicycle

The benefits of biking are indisputable, and with more and more cities working biking culture into their urban planning–including development of bicycle paths from defunct rail lines and defined on-road bike lanes, the popularity of biking is surging. While riding a bicycle presents a fun and alternative mode of transport, it can also put you at risk, […]

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Are you covered when you are doing personal errands in your company car?

Suppose you’re driving your “company-furnished” vehicle on a personal errand to the grocery store and are involved in a serious accident. Will you have the proper insurance coverage? It’s possible you may not have the coverage you need. Your employer’s business auto policy may not cover you when you’re using a company vehicle on personal […]

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Keeping Your Teen Driver Safe

Did you know that every day more teens die in car crashes than because of cancer, homicide or suicide combined?  Teen drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident than any other group. Every parent with a teen driver worries when their son or daughter is on the road. But there are mistakes that […]

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