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Life Events that Affect Your Insurance Needs

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As we age and reach different milestones in our lives, our insurance needs change. Contact Forest Agency right away if you’re affected by any of the following life events that might affect your insurance needs: New home ownership Purchasing a new home is a big investment–one that you’ll want to protect. Before purchasing a home, […]

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Kidnap and Ransom…Who is at Risk?

You may be surprised to learn that across the globe there are more than 20,000 people who are kidnapped every year. Even more shocking is that the victims of these crimes are no longer exclusively the ultra-rich. Kidnappers have shifted their tactics. While top executives traveling internationally for business continue to be at risk, there seems […]

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Do You Need a Flood Insurance Endorsement?

After the last few years of weather here in the Midwest, it is no surprise that flood is the top natural disaster in the United States.  Unfortunately, most homeowners insurance policies exclude flood coverage.  The Insurance Information Institute estimates that only 14% of US homeowners have a flood insurance policy.  Further, the National Flood Insurance […]

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Are You Smart with Your Smartphone?

Are you smart with your smartphone? More and more news stories stem from situations that resulted in not-very-wise usage of mobile devices.  Here are a few eye-opening examples, and some good tips from our friends at International Risk Management Institute. A Dallas insurance professional was recently mugged in broad daylight at a Dallas Area Rapid Transit station. […]

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Five Tips for Fire Pit Safety

Autumn is in the air! The days remain warm, but the nights are getting cooler and cooler. This is a great time to end the day by sitting around a campfire with relaxing conversation and delicious s’mores. Portable fire pits have become very popular. However, they can be dangerous. Our friends at West Bend Mutual Insurance have shared these […]

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Is That New Piece of Jewelry Fully Insured?

As an insurance professional, I know the importance of getting additional coverage for jewelry and other collectibles. I always inquire whether my clients have special items that they would like to schedule on a rider to their homeowners or renters policies. But a recent experience reminded me just how easily a loss can occur. While […]

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A Small Leak Can Become a BIG Problem: How to Avoid Water Damage

Just how much damage can a leaky pipe or appliance cause?  This infographic from Safeco is full of fascinating facts.  If you need ideas on how to maintain the systems that commonly lead to leaks, check out our previous post on  Avoiding Water Damage in Your Home or Business.      

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Avoiding Water Damage in Your Home or Business

As a business or homeowner, you know that it is critical to protect your property from wind-driven rain and standing water during severe storms. But did you know that it’s more common to experience water damage from systems INSIDE your home? A busted pipe or leaky water heater can quickly destroy your furniture or flooring […]

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