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Life Events that Affect Your Insurance Needs

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As we age and reach different milestones in our lives, our insurance needs change. Contact Forest Agency right away if you’re affected by any of the following life events that might affect your insurance needs: New home ownership Purchasing a new home is a big investment–one that you’ll want to protect. Before purchasing a home, […]

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Kidnap and Ransom…Who is at Risk?

You may be surprised to learn that across the globe there are more than 20,000 people who are kidnapped every year. Even more shocking is that the victims of these crimes are no longer exclusively the ultra-rich. Kidnappers have shifted their tactics. While top executives traveling internationally for business continue to be at risk, there seems […]

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Are you covered when you are doing personal errands in your company car?

Suppose you’re driving your “company-furnished” vehicle on a personal errand to the grocery store and are involved in a serious accident. Will you have the proper insurance coverage? It’s possible you may not have the coverage you need. Your employer’s business auto policy may not cover you when you’re using a company vehicle on personal […]

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A Surprising Way to Lower Workers Comp Claims at Your Business

It has long been suspected that companies that offer their employees voluntary accident and disability insurance experience lower their workers comp claims and overall costs.  A recent nationwide survey of 945 businesses nationwide, confirms this to be true. Aflac’s “Impact of Voluntary Accident Insurance and Voluntary Disability Insurance on Workers’ Compensation Claims and Worker Absenteeism Study, […]

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Winter Maintenance Checklist for Your Home or Business

Although we have (gratefully!) seen very little snow and ice in the Chicago area this season, having just passed the first day of Winter, we are hardly out of the woods. The unusually warm weather may have led many of us to put off some of the seasonal maintenance activities that we should do to keep our […]

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Want Lower Premiums? Look to Your Own Agent!

We hear about it everywhere we turn…on the radio, TV, even on that electronic billboard on I-90: they can lower our premiums in fifteen minutes…or even half that time. This may sound appealing, but if you already have an agent that you trust and who understands your needs, why risk giving up important coverage? Most […]

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What You Need to Know About Small Business Insurance

Opening a small business of your own can be a very exciting step….you define the scope of your business, determine your hours, build your team…but you also need to take the time to set up your commercial business insurance policy. But do you really understand your policy? What do coverages like business disruption, theft/loss and […]

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