Forest Agency Launches Sock Drive for Housing Forward

Did you know that the single most needed item for the homeless clients of Housing Forward is new grey or black socks?    Housing Forward, Forest Agency’s Charity of the Quarter, provides temporary shelter and services for the homeless in Chicago’s Western suburbs.  This Holiday Season Forest Agency is collecting new socks (and while we are at […]

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Real-World Case Study: Tween’s Halloween Fireworks Caper Causes Fire and Leaves Parents to Blame

Anyone who has teens or tweens (or has been one) knows that their judgment is not always sound. This story from our friends at shows that sometimes these kids’ antics can lead to costly consequences for their parents. Zack couldn’t believe his luck: Discovering leftover Fourth of July fireworks in the garage just in […]

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Oh, Deer–Drivers Beware!

The number of deer-related auto collisions is on the increase again this year, with an estimated 1.25 million auto-deer collision claims occuring since June 2014 according to State Farm Insurance. October and November are the months during which you are most likely to encounter a deer in your headlights, and with more people traveling the […]

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A Surprising Way to Lower Workers Comp Claims at Your Business

It has long been suspected that companies that offer their employees voluntary accident and disability insurance experience lower their workers comp claims and overall costs.  A recent nationwide survey of 945 businesses nationwide, confirms this to be true. Aflac’s “Impact of Voluntary Accident Insurance and Voluntary Disability Insurance on Workers’ Compensation Claims and Worker Absenteeism Study, […]

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Five Tips for Fire Pit Safety

Autumn is in the air! The days remain warm, but the nights are getting cooler and cooler. This is a great time to end the day by sitting around a campfire with relaxing conversation and delicious s’mores. Portable fire pits have become very popular. However, they can be dangerous. Our friends at West Bend Mutual Insurance have shared these […]

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Does Your Home Insurance Cover Personal Injury Exposures?

With the growth explosion of social media, we may be at risk for a personal injury exposure.  This could include everything from a situation of false arrest or wrongful eviction, to lawsuits for libel or slander, to the effects of mental anguish.  If you have young kids or teens online, this might be a particularly […]

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Do you know the difference between water backup, seepage and flood?

It’s been a soggy few months here in Chicago.  In fact, June 2015 has been the fourth-wettest month on record for Chicago (and we still have a few hours to go!). This image of damaged property at the curbside or alleyway has become commonplace.  Still, trying to figure out whether your soggy basement is covered […]

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