Kidnap and Ransom…Who is at Risk?

You may be surprised to learn that across the globe there are more than 20,000 people who are kidnapped every year. Even more shocking is that the victims of these crimes are no longer exclusively the ultra-rich. Kidnappers have shifted their tactics. While top executives traveling internationally for business continue to be at risk, there seems […]

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Staying Safe on Your Bicycle

The benefits of biking are indisputable, and with more and more cities working biking culture into their urban planning–including development of bicycle paths from defunct rail lines and defined on-road bike lanes, the popularity of biking is surging. While riding a bicycle presents a fun and alternative mode of transport, it can also put you at risk, […]

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Are you covered when you are doing personal errands in your company car?

Suppose you’re driving your “company-furnished” vehicle on a personal errand to the grocery store and are involved in a serious accident. Will you have the proper insurance coverage? It’s possible you may not have the coverage you need. Your employer’s business auto policy may not cover you when you’re using a company vehicle on personal […]

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