The Complications of Condo Coverage

  You’ve taken the plunge and opted for condo life.  Now that the papers are signed, it seems like everything is taken care of for you—building maintenance, roof repairs, landscaping, insurance, etc.  It’s time to relax because everything is covered, right? Not quite.  While the insurance policy provided by the condo association covers the building […]

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Preparing your boat for spring launch

May means the arrival of spring in the Midwest, and if you are a boat or watercraft owner, you likely are looking forward to getting into the water!  Our friends at ACE Private Risk Services passed along a few tips on getting your vessel back afloat after a long winter. BEFORE LAUNCH Inspect the bottom:  Do a […]

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Why have my homeowners insurance rates gone up?

So much goes into the formula that insurance companies use to determine annual premiums.  And most of the causes for increase are due to factors over which the companies have little control.   We like this short video from Encompass that explains how increases in catastrophic weather, insurance claim fraud and cost of building materials are all […]

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Some Favorite Potluck Recipes

Last month we trashed the Trivia Contest in hopes of collecting some healthy recipes for the new year.  We didn’t hear from many, but January also is the date for our Annual Founders Day Potluck, and we had some delicious entries this year (a few were even healthy!).  Here are recipes for some of our […]

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