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  1. Want Lower Premiums? Look to Your Own Agent!

    by grobbins

    We hear about it everywhere we turn…on the radio, TV, even on that electronic billboard on I-90: they can lower our premiums in fifteen minutes…or even half that time. This may sound appealing, but if you already have an agent that you trust and who understands your needs, why risk giving up important coverage? Most […]

  2. What You Need to Know About Small Business Insurance

    Opening a small business of your own can be a very exciting step….you define the scope of your business, determine your hours, build your team…but you also need to take the time to set up your commercial business insurance policy. But do you really understand your policy? What do coverages like business disruption, theft/loss and […]

  3. Step by Step: How to Submit an Insurance Claim

    by grobbins

    With the arrival of more extreme weather, insurance companies have seen a rise in homeowners claims.  There are many reasons why you may submit a claim to your homeowners insurance, including damage by fire, or by wind or water from an intense storm, or even as a result of theft after a burglary.  But faced […]

  4. Understanding Your Homeowners Policy

    If you’re a homeowner, or are considering buying a home, you know that you need homeowners insurance.  But somehow, when it comes to making decisions about your policy and coverages, it’s really hard to keep track of what’s what.  Your eyes begin to glaze over, and you’re easily confused about what’s covered and what isn’t. […]

  5. The Summer Slide: Tips to Keep your Children’s Minds Exercised This Summer

    by grobbins

    Last weekend both my sons participated in an outdoor youth archery tournament. Depite gusting winds, unstable targets and broken arrows, they did very well, each earning pins in their Junior Olympic Achievement progression. But I did notice one shared area of weakness. After each round, the archers collect arrows and talley their totals on score […]

  6. Avoid Damage from Potholes

    by grobbins

    Category: Safe Driving

    You’d think that now that we are well into summer, most of the potholes that appeared this winter might have been repaired.  Unfortunately, we’re finding that’s not the case.  With statistics that say over $27 billion was spent in the last five years on damage resulting from poor road conditions,  we’re sharing the following tips to […]

  7. Do You Know What to Do When You Drive Through a Roundabout?

    by grobbins

    Category: Safe Driving

    Whether you’ve encountered them in your travels abroad, or if you have them in your own American subdivision, roundabouts are popping up everywhere.  As it turns out, roundabouts are safer for drivers and their passengers and more sustainable for communities than traditional four-way intersections.  Unfortunately not everyone understands how to safely navigate a roundabout and […]

  8. Free TIKE Stickers Available at Forest Agency

    by grobbins

    Category: Safe DrivingUncategorized

    In 1995 a six-month-old boy was involved in a head-on traffic collision while riding with a relative. The driver was left unconscious and the boy suffered a life-threatening head injury that required immediate surgery. Police did not know the child’s identity and were only able to trace his parents because an address book was located […]

  9. Concealed Carry Criminal Defense Reimbursement Bonds Available to Permit Holders in Illinois

    by grobbins

    Category: BondsBreaking NewsHome Safety

    Do you have a concealed carry permit? If you are involved in an “act of self defense” which results in legal proceedings, a Concealed Carry Criminal Defense Reimbursement Bond can help protect your financial peace of mind. The bond usually covers legal expenses, costs of defense, and other extraneous expenses. Forest Agency works with West […]