How Much Does a New Windshield Cost?

How much does it cost to replace a windshield? There was a time when you could expect to pay somewhere between $100 and $400, depending on your vehicle and the type of glass. Windshields have changed, though, and since around 2008, costs have been skyrocketing. Windshields have steadily grown bigger and more curved,  and they are now often covered in complex technology, including rain sensors, heat sensors, light sensors, antenna moldings, hydrophobic coating, heated glass, and more. How does that affect their cost? Well, we recently saw a client get charged a whopping $2,350 to replace the windshield on a 2015 Honda Civic. If you haven’t had to do repairs on a newer vehicle recently, you may find that number shocking, but it’s just one more example of car parts becoming significantly more expensive as auto manufacturers fill them with more advanced technology.

If you’re wondering why the premiums are rising on your auto policy, it’s partly because insurance companies are scrambling to account for these costs. Combine these expensive parts with there being more new cars on the road than ever, more distracted drivers, more miles being driven, and more recorded injuries and fatalities, and you can start to see the situation in which these companies find themselves. At Forest Agency, we are always working to make sure your rates remain competitive, but don’t be surprised if you see rising premiums.

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